Top 10 Trending 2017 Spring and Summer Women Shoe Styles

2017 Spring and Summer Women Shoe Styles

Spring and summer are the best times of the year in Australia. With the most of the country experiencing relatively hot weather, having the right footwear is important. But ladies, what do you have for your summer/spring footwear collection? You will want to be very careful while shopping for footwear to avoid buying obsolete fashion. It helps to know about the new shoe trends that will be defining spring/summer 2017. This can be challenging since you need to do a lot of research. But not this year! We have researched the key shoe trends that will be rocking spring/summer 2017. Here are the top 10 trending 2017 spring/summer women’s shoe styles. Let’s go!


Top 10 Spring/Summer Shoes for Women

1.    Platforms

Platform Shoes for Women
Platform Wedges and Shoes

Platforms have been with us for a long time and it looks like we can’t get enough of them. With new and revamped designs coming into the market, the style has remained a force to reckon with in the fashion industry. From the customer’s point of view, the flexibility and versatility of this style have been the main reasons they feature in the spring/summer trending styles. The fact that they add some height to the wearer has a lot do with their popularity with ladies. Platforms are open shoes with good breathability, which is an important feature for hot weather. The style is expected to remain trendy throughout spring and make a good transition to the summer. Platforms come in tons of colours for shoppers to choose from.

2.    Kitten Heels

If you are looking for a footwear style that will be defining fashion this year, then kitten heels should feature in your closet. It is a classic shoe style that comes in the form of high heels. Its simplicity and sexy design are just two of the features that are causing excitement. It will add that fine touch to your image without excess or exaggeration. Kitten heels are super versatile since they can be worn for numerous activities, including formal and casual occasions. They can be worn with a variety of outfits and still pull off a classic look. You will love the tons of colours that are available.

3.    Flatform with Quirk

Flatform is a style that’s quickly gaining popularity in the fashion industry both in Australia and the world at large. The style is a combination of platforms and flats, hence the name. The style is expected to rock the entire spring/summer season due to its attractive features, such as stability and light weight. The platform part of the style adds some height to the wearer, and that’s something that excites most ladies. And the flat soles make them extremely comfortable to wear. Some of the designs come with ankle straps to keep your foot firmly in place. They are extremely versatile in that you can wear them for occasions both formal and casual.

4.    Thin stilettos

Stilettos have been a part of the fashion industry for a long time now. And one thing that has remained constant is the ever-growing demand for this style. With new designs appearing now and then, stilettos never seem to go out of fashion. This spring/summer 2017 will see thin stilettos being the major trend. Their versatility has everyone looking forward to adding the style to their closet. You can wear stilettos with both formal and casual wear. They look great with miniskirts and jeans. The shoes are open, making them the perfect footwear for hot weather. Thin stilettos come in a range of colours, giving you a great variety to select from.

5.    Rounded Heels

Rounded Heels Shoes
Jagga Rounded Heels

This is another great spring/summer trend that will be big this year. Apart from being a trendy fashion, rounded heels come with lots of advantages that make them an excellent choice for many ladies. First, they are more stable than shoes with sharp, pointed heels. This means that you can walk safely without twisting your ankle. In fact, rounded heels are recommended for pregnant women who want to wear high heels. Second, the footwear comes in myriad colours and designs, providing the shopper with many choices. Third, they are also very flexible and versatile, and you can wear them with a range of outfits. The shoe style is also great for casual occasions.

6.    Sandals with Socks

Sandals with socks may appear odd, but if well executed, this combination can pull off a polished appearance for any occasion.  In fact, the look has been trending this year, and does not show any sign of going out of fashion. It is likely to be a major trend over the spring and for the rest of 2017. This is a classic style that can be worn with a variety of shoe styles, particularly heels. It looks great with stiletto sandals. With this style, you can come up with a stunning look that will stand out. It’s a great style to consider adding to your spring/summer collection.

7.    Socks and Boots

This is another trending style that’s worth spending your money on.  Wearing boots is a fashion choice that has been with us for quite a while. The style has changed over time to meet market demand. Boot styles have evolved with the years, and we still find ourselves attracted to them regardless of the time of year.  Wearing boots with socks adds something unique to your look. Depending on the colour of your boots and the specific look you are going for, the addition of socks will greatly enhance your appearance and display a sense of fashion. The style can work with a range of boot types.

8.    Shiny Shoes

Shiny Shoes for Women
Shiny Summer / Spring Shoes

With the warmer season coming soon, shiny shoes are expected to make it big in the fashion industry. This is a style designed to make a statement. It is a style that will work on a range of shoe types, such as boots, high heels, and sneakers. Shiny shoes can be worn for any occasion, both formal and casual. A common belief is that, apart from being smart, the shiny surface of the shoe reflects heat away, keeping the inside of the shoe cool. There might be some truth in it, but in the fashion world what matters is that the shine brings out a classic and elegant look.

9.    Tying/Strapping Round the Ankles

This style works incredibly well with high heels. With the ankles being a crucial part of the body to consider when it comes to footwear, it works well to have the high heel supported from the ankle with a strap. Apart from that, it’s a fashion trend that’s becoming increasingly popular, particularly when combined with socks. What makes it fashionable is determined by the type of strap and how it has being used. Designers have become superbly creative with this design, and you will love the different types that are on the market. With this style, you can create a look that will make your outfits your own.

10.    Breathable Footwear

We cannot end our list of the top 10 trending 2017 spring/summer women’s shoe styles without mentioning breathable footwear. The trend is expected to hit stores with the coming of summer. In hot weather, you will need shoes that are as cool inside as possible. Breathable footwear allows for air circulation within the shoe to keep your feet healthy. The style can work with a range of shoes, including boots, dress shoes and sneakers. It’s a great style that should feature in your spring/summer collection.