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Browsing and purchasing shoes for the whole family has never been easier. Our goal at Payless Supply Co. is to bring you the latest designer shoe styles without the high price tag.

Ladies, whether you’re looking for a new pair of boots or something more casual like a stylish beach sandal, you’re sure to find a fashionable pair of shoes that will match every outfit! Our cheap shoes are so competitively priced you could even buy a few styles for the same price you would pay elsewhere!

Guys, you’re not missing out either. Our men’s work boots, dress shoes, trainers, and sandals offer a level of comfort and style unmatched by some of our high price tag counterparts.

As the Payless Supply is always expanding, it doesn’t matter if you’re obsessed with heels, have a craving for wedges, a fanatic for flats, or just a run of the mill sneaker freak jump in and explore the fastest growing range of footwear in Australia.


Spend Less, Get More

When looking for footwear, especially for kids. Good quality shoes with a low price point is key. Kids often grow out of their shoes before they wear them out so it makes sense to save on shoes when you can. For us adults, it’s always nice to get a bargain!

100% Secure Online Payments

100% Secure Online Payments

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Spend less on shipping and get more shoe for your buck so to speak! Free shipping Australia wide on orders over $79. Enjoy cheap shoes Australia!

Fastest Growing Shoe Selection in Australia

We’re adding new styles DAILY so check back with us often to shop the latest season’s arrivals, or follow us on the socials to get even more style updates.

School Shoes For Every Foot

Aussie Kids love to play. They need a shoe which is comfortable, hard wearing, and still looks presentable after a hundred lunchtimes tearing around the football pitch. You won’t find a better selection of school shoes than right here at Payless, the kind of cheap shoe shops.